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Should I buy VHS or DVD format? You must make the final decision, but here are some facts to help you.

VHS is the name of the format of video tape that you put into your VCR. It is cheaper, and almost every home has a VCR. However, the quality of the image is not as good as DVD, the image cannot be frozen very well to look at a single frame, and it takes a long time and quick eye/hand to fast forward to a particular chapter you may want to review. And of course you must rewind the tape when finished viewing it.

DVD is the new format for video that is pretty much taking over. DVD players outsold VCRs in 2001 for the first time, and most newer computers can also play them. Their image quality is super sharp, and you can stop the action on any frame you want indefinitely. You can also jump directly to any chapter you want (using the menu we provide) instantly, and there is never a need to wait for a rewind.

DVDs cost $5 more than VHS, due to the increased cost of producing them. Only you can decide if the benefits are worth that $5.

One added word with regard to DVDs. We have contracted the delivery of DVDs to CustomFlix. When you place an order for DVDs, you are actually ordering from them. Everything is the same, but if you order both VHS and DVD copies, they will arrive in two shipments - one from MindStorm with VHS, and one from CustomFlix with DVD.