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All of the videos on this site are quoted in the format used by North American VCRs, called NTSC. If you wish to play one of these videos on a VCR outside of North America, you will need a different format. PAL is used in most of the world, except France and Russia, where they use SECAM.

We can provide videos in those formats, but they must be custom made when ordered. There is a $5 extra charge for this custom production. Additionally, shipping outside of the US and Canada is charged at our cost, which is $10 per tape. Thus, international orders cost an additional $15 total per tape ordered, and typically arrive in 7 to 10 days (though it sometimes takes up to a month if your country's Customs office holds it for any reason).

To order tapes in PAL format, press the button below, and enter the number of tapes you are ordering. PayPal will then compute the proper total charge when you check out and submit your order.

If you wish to order in SECAM, use the same button below, but be sure to include a comment in the order form that you wish SECAM.

Purchase international format videos:

If you are interested in buying any of Sue Heaser's polymer clay videos (PC11: Medley of Jewelry Techniques, MM22: Kitchen Miniatures in Polymer Clay, or MM23: Dining Room Miniatures in Polymer Clay) you may prefer to contact her directly in England. She is affiliated with The Polymer Clay Pit, and can provide those videos in PAL format.