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I am Having Trouble Viewing The Video Clips

Many of our more recent videos have clips available for online viewing that are approximately 5 to 8 minutes in length. These are small size (160 X120 pixels) clips, in order to allow you to view them quickly.

They are all in Flash format. If your computer supports Flash, then you should see a small TV screen on the right edge of the window, across from the image of the video sleeve. You can push the Play button (a "right arrow" like you would have on your VCR) to start the loading of the video.

You will then see the horizontal bar above that button start to change color, to indicate that the movie is being downloaded. When enough of the movie has been downloaded to allow you to play it fully (usually about 10% of the full movie), it will start playing. Once it is playing, you can press the rewind button (left arrow) to return to the start or the movie, or the pause button (two vertical bars) to temporarily stop the movie.

Flash works on Macintosh and Windows computers, using Internet Explorer or Netscape. It is also supported on a variety of other platforms, but those account for the large majority of internet users. Macintosh computers must have at least OS 8.6 installed, and PCs must have Windows 95 or later.

If your computer is able to support Flash, and you do not have it installed, then the movie clip should take you to the Macromedia site to allow you to download it. If that doesn't happen automatically for some reason, you can go to


and follow the instructions there to install the plug-in. It will only take a couple minutes, and will allow you to see many more Internet sites, as this is rapidly becoming a standard method of displaying animation.

If you have any problems with this, feel free to send me an email and I'll see what I can do to help.