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(Last Updated on May 6, 2003 )

I developed this website on a Mac, and personally use a Mac every day. Yes, I'm one of the original Mac-aholics, getting my first taste of the addiction in 1984 when I got one of the first Macs made by Apple. So, now that we have redesigned our website, and I have more flexibility with it, I will start to share some of my favorite Macintosh oriented web sites.

Well, how could be start any Mac site without a link to Apple Computer? The father of our computing family. Go there whenever you want the official word from the official source.

OK, this next link is actually inside the above one. Something I normally would avoid, but this is a page I go to every week or so to see what is coming up in theaters. Yep, I'm a movie addict too, and I go to the Apple Trailer site to see all the greatest movie trailers as they are released.

My daily dose of Mac related news is gotten from MacMinute. Be sure to visit every day if you want to keep up your Mac. Stuff happens fast, and it is always reported there first.

If you want to keep up with the latest Mac information each week, subscribe to TidBITS. I've read it every year since it launched in 1990, and highly recommend it.

Looking for some software to spiff up your Mac without spending a bundle? Pure Mac bills itself as having "All the software you will ever need" — and comes darn close to fulfilling the promise!

Making the move to OS X and want to find out how to finesse the system? Check out Max OS X Hints — just what the name implies.

MacWorld provides lots of news about the Mac world on it's MacCentral site. Often useful to check here when you want to research what peripheral to buy, or other Mac related news items

If you just want to hear rumors of what is to come, check out MacRumors. Be specially sure to check this site before buying a new Mac or major peripheral, to find out what is coming out next week — just after you planned to make the purchase...