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    (Last Updated on March 25, 2003 )

  • National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME) - This is the home page for the main national organization helping to expand the miniaturist hobby. Be sure to get involved!

  • Mel Varisco produced two of our most popular videos, and introduced us to the world of polymer clay as used in miniatures. (See MM06: Fun With Foods and MM10: More Fun With Foods)

  • Jenny Dahl has taken over for Patricia Snyder in producing, selling and supporting her fabulous miniature flowers. Give her site a visit — to see her butterfly and hear her music if nothing else! :-)

  • Viola's OriginalsViola Williams was the co-producer of Dolls & Miniatures Magazine, and is the featured artist in 3 of our videos. See her site to select a doll for your collection, order a resin kit to dress, and learn about doll making and doll artists when you order back issues of "Dolls & Miniatures Magazine". (See MM09: Let's Make a Bride, MD03: Wigging Miniature Women and MD04: Wigging Miniature Men, Children & Babies)

  • The Miniature Web - Several Artisans and Dealers showing their creations. Miniature show information and miniature news.

  • The world famous Motts Miniatures is now on the Internet. Their colorful site includes information and pictures of their Museum, information about their miniature shop and mail order service, as well as links to other sites Plus FREE Stuff.

  • TLC Doll - The Online Department Store for the 18" Doll - offers a wide selection of clothing, patterns and accessories for the popular 18" vinyl dolls such as the American Girl, Gotz, Lissi, and Corolleand Magic Attic dolls.

  • LuciCay - LuciCay is an artist creating miniature dolls, miniature doll clothes, original ceramic pins & brooches and other miniature pieces. She has also written a book on how to create clothes for miniature dolls.

  • Glass Blowers Workshop - Hand made glass miniatures (!) 1" - 1/2" scale, Over 500 to choose from.

  • Cool Miniatures - Home of miniature wind chimes, ceramic dishware and accessories

  • Mini Splendid Things - A one stop source for all your miniature needs. They also carry Cherished Teddies, paper dolls, and other collectibles.

  • DollHouseDesigns.COM - Download 1:12 scale CAD drafted dollhouse plans.

  • PorcelainDolls.net - Everything you need to make and repair porcelain dolls.

  • Imagination Mall - A comprehensive, continually updated META - index of Web sites specializing in Dollhouse and Miniature related items. The PRIMARY site for starting your World Wide Web "surfing".

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