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(Last Updated on July 22, 2002 )

Navneet Behal is the wiz behind our video player. If you are designing your own web site, and need some help on some portion that has stymied you, I strongly recommend contacting him!

Do you get too much spam in your in-box? I do too... Here is an excellent primer telling you what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do, to help get rid of spam.

CAUCE is the "Coalition Against Unsolictied Commercial Email." They are the largest organization fighting to outlaw spam. Please support them!

To help reduce spam in all forms (email, telephone and dead-tree mail), try registering for the opt-out list at DMA Consumers. This is the Direct Marketing Association site, where they keep lists of people that don't want spam. You can register to have your email removed for free, or it costs $5 for 5 years to have your phone number and address put on a do-not-call and do-not-mail list. Not 100%, since not all spammers are members of DMA, but for those that are, this might help.

On a lighter note, This Is True is described as "Bizarre-but-true news stories sent to you free once each week." I personally get the premium edition — the news stories this guy finds each week make this my first read every Monday evening!