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MD03: Wigging Miniature Women
MD05: Dressing Tiny Victorian Doll
MM09: Let's Make a Bride

Dolls in Miniature Fall 1996


Videos are perhaps the easiest instructions to follow. Sometimes it is hard to put directions in words for a book. In a video you can see the person actually making or dressing the doll or accessories.

In Wigging Miniature Women, vol 3 of the Master Dollmakers series from MindStorm Productions, Viola Williams shows how to create wigging styles for Victorian and contemporary women, 18th century courtesans, country lasses and southern belles. Viola demonstrates two methods for making waves and shows combinations of hair styles and hats that work well together. Also available is vol 4, Wigging Miniature Men, Children & Babies.

Dressing Your Tiny Victorian Doll is also part of the Master Dollmaker series. In this video, Judy Orr shows how to dress a little Victorian girl. First Judy lists tools (specialty items including bow tying tool, rose tool, small iron, and acrylic rod) and materials required. Judy takes you from assembling the doll (purchased from a shop, a show, or Judy) to finishing touches. There is some hand gathering, but the only machine sewing is the center of the silk wig. Judy also shows how to make the doll stand from a little wooden heart and a toothpick.

Let's Make a Bride is with Viola Williams. In this video you learn how to dress a beautiful Victorian bride and Viola explains how, with a few adjustments to the enclosed pattern, you can dress another doll in a suit with a pleated inset. From assembling the doll from a kit to the final touches of ribbons and bows, Viola's step-by-step instructions assure a beautiful outcome. She lists materials and supplies at the beginning of the video and also demonstrates her method for draping clothing.