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MD07: Sculpting Miniature Dolls, Part 1

Video Librarian July/August 1997
(3 stars out of 4)

Dollmaking is a popular (and sometime profitable) craft for many people. Beginners interested in learning how to make miniature dolls (six inches or less in length) from contemporary modeling compounds will find this tape a good place to start. Teacher Evelyn Lenz Flook gives patient, experienced, methodical instruction. The camera work is steady, with good closeup on Flook's hands as she works on fine detail; critically important, considering the head of the miniature doll is only 3/4" long and the tiny features are even smaller. The only technical disappointment is the the studio's lights frequently glare off Flook's glasses.

The video comes with a pattern sheet which is referred to in the tape, so public librarians would be wise to make a file copy to keep on hand. Since this tape will get the basic body "pieces" done, librarians should concurrently purchase Sculpting Miniature Dolls, Part II: Painting and Assembly so that eager viewers will have guidance in finishing their projects.

Recommended. Aud: P.