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MM06: Fun With Foods

Video Librarian July/August 1996
(3 stars out of 4)


Dollhouse makers and other small scale hobbyists might be interested in creating miniature vegetables, fruit and baked goods for miniature kitchens, gardens or fruit stands. Skilled model maker Mel Varisco demonstrates hot-to's for making common food items out of various brands of plastic modeling compounds and the new air drying clay.

She discusses tools for making models, tells how to use glazes, stains and paints; and suggests what reference material to collect. She also covers scale, color blending and texturing. Projects are demonstrated according to clay color, i.e., first the yellow foods, then red, etc. Varisco provides helpful tips for the baking process, including a warning against using a microwave — the models will explode!

Varisco is a warm and encouraging personality; she has enough enthusiasm to infect a wavering beginner. "Nature isn't perfect," she proclaims, pointing out that the perfectly formed miniature foods just aren't natural. That ought to inspire anyone.

Recommended for large libraries, this is one of several titles available in the Master Miniaturists series.

Aud: P.