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PC01: Introduction to Polymer Clay
PC02: Potpourri of Techniques
PC03: Millefiori Basics
PC04: Creating Vessels

Library Journal March 15, 1998


Polymer clays are a new type of medium that can be used by almost any budding home sculptor to create a variety of objects from vessels to jewelry to picture frames. Unlike conventional clays, which require high temperature kilns and fairly sophisticated techniques to cure and decorate, polymer clays can be baked and "cured" in a home oven (or a toaster oven) in a few minutes.

Donna Kato has worked with polymer clays for some time and in these four videos provides a thorough introduction to the characteristics, their uses, and the techniques by which the clays can be transformed into decorative objects. Her teaching method is very much hands-on, with numerous examples of common tools such as kitchen knives and rollers to work the clay.

The videos have been professionally produced so that sound quality and camera work are to high standards. The novice artist should be able to pick up a considerable amount of information from two or three viewings of each tape.

These tapes should have a ready response in public library collections, particularly those with emphasis on "how-to" materials in the decorative arts.