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PC02: Potpourri of Polymer Clay Techniques

Video Librarian March/April 1998
(3-1/2 stars out of 4)


Kindergarten might well have been the last time you played with modeling clay. The good (and fun) news is that Play-Doh has a grown-up counterpart, polymer clay, a plastic-based compound which can be formed and "fired" in a regular home oven. The materials are relatively cheap, which allows for a lot of experimentation. This tape presents several intermediate-level projects: mokume gane, which mimics Japanese metalwork; crushed ikat, which produces beautiful sheets that look like hand woven ikat material; kaleidoscope, an adaptation of millefiori technique used in glass making; marbled paper effect, which looks like the real thing without having to use the smelly seaweed base; and a way to create a shining wood-like finish using gold leaf. The completed projects vary from bracelets to pens to picture frames to decorative eggs. The only caveat is that the demonstrator, Donna Kato, has a very soft voice which tends to become softer the longer she talks. There were several instances where her dialog became overpowered by the (not especially loud) background music. Other than that, it's a great tape, one which is sure to inspire lots of colorful clean fun in kitchens everywhere. Three other new titles are also available in the Polymer Clay series: Introduction to Polymer Clay, Millefiori Basics, and Creating Vessels.

Highly recommended.