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PC08: Advanced Millefiori Techniques 2

Polynews, Autumn 1999


I found this a wonderfully inspiring hour's viewing. Marie uses a very clear and methodical approach in her instructions breaking even complicated looking canes down into manageable stages.

Not much time is wasted getting down to business and Marie spends just sufficient time explaining the different types of clay you could use for caning. She begins with the Skinner Blend, taking the viewer through the stages step by step so that the mysteries of a beautiful effect can be clearly understood. Having grasped the principle, it is then possible to experiment with different color combinations for yourself.

The projects that follow are many and varied. Included is a Plaid effect, showing the stages used to create a tartan pattern from which a "Mobius" bead is developed. later on, it is fascinating to watch how a spider web cane is brought into being using ingenious manipulations of one basic design element. Marie then shows how the finished cane can be used in a Halloween votive complete with black cat and pumpkins.

The more involved projects of a face cane and a complex picture of a moon face with stars are thoroughly covered. This section of the video would be a great help to anyone considering creating their own designs as it explains most of the essential do's and don'ts.

Who can resist the invitation to make their very own signature cane? Marie demonstrates the art using her own surname and in the process teaches how to do any combination of letters. The cane can be kept and reduced to appropriate scales and slices applied to numerous projects giving a great means of identifying the work as your own.

The video contains a balanced set of projects well chosen to illustrate a variety of possibilities of working with caned effects. The hope is clearly that her instructions will increase your own confidence in manipulating the material towards your own ends and special projects. Altogether a fun video, complimented by some light Mozart in the background!