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PC10: Special Techniques in Polymer Clay

Bead & Button Aug 1999


Super Polymer Clay Video:

Nan Roche is an excellent teacher. Throughout her video, she makes sure you understand why things happen as they do. She explains the tools and supplies you'll need and gives sources for all special equipment. In each project, she details the problems you may encounter and their solutions. her techniques for finishing and turning her pieces into jewelry are elegant and simple.

Nan's first project is a braided pendant. Here she makes a sophisticated Skinner blend with gold and black clay and show you how easy it is to make a six-strand braid. Then comes a loop-in-loop chain. To make the loops from which she assembles the flexible chain, Nan demonstrates her clever alterations to a caulking gun that makes clay gun extrusion quick and easy. She also teaches double loop-in-loop chain. Next she explains marbling with Liquid Sculpey. Finally she demonstrates antiqued rubber stamp mokume gane. This technique first appeared in Bead & Button #28, but here, Nan goes into more detail. The only confusing moment occurs near the end of this project when she seems to repeat the patination process immediately after completing it.