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PC13: Liquid Sculpey

PolymerCAFE Winter 2002


by Sylvia McAllen.

A couple months ago, I splurged and bought myself a bottle of Translucent Liquid Sculpey. Ohhh, something new to try! I found that it's a great glue for attaching backed polyclay to unbaked polyclay. I also made an invisible repair to a piece that cracked. And it made an invisible protective coating on some projects that contained gold leaf. I was ready to start using it for more than glue. Then I was asked to review a how-to video by the leading artist using Liquid Sculpey. Would I!

I loved the tape. Jody Bishel is very detailed and clear in showing us techniques for using LS as a creative medium. She started with image transfers and backfilling. Then she creates a beautiful butterfly broach using the LS as if it were a paint, in a technique called pin marbling. She makes faux enameling look easy in making a dragon broach. I appreciated all the little tips she mentions to avoid common problems. The last most complex project is a pomegranate vessel. It may look advanced to most of us, but it demonstrates techniques that many of us could use in our projects. For example, even a beginner could learn how to make the wonderful leaf she uses to decorate the vessel. The leaf has a worn patina finish, and the pomegranate is built with layers of LS to create the illusion of depth.

I would recommend this video to anyone who loves polyclay and wants to explore Liquid Sculpey's unique effects.

Running time: 68 minutes.