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Multiple Polymer Clay Videos

National Polymer Clay Guild POLYinforMER
Volume IX Number 1


Around the first of this year, seven new polymer clay videos hit the stores. Marie Segal did three videos, which most of you are familiar with by now: Imitating Metal, Advanced Millefiori 1, and Advanced Millefiori 2.

Though labeled "advanced," I believe anyone with some polymer clay experience can follow along and duplicate these canes. Volume 1 demonstrates seven canes you will learn to make. Volume 2 has four slightly more difficult canes you will learn to make. Imitating Metal shows you how to make and transform common household stuff into wonderful decorator works of art. Simply!

Donna Kato has released four videos, where were reviewed in the Spring 1998 issue of the POLYinforMER (Volume VIII, Number 3). These are Introduction to Polymer Clay, Potpourri of Techniques, Millefiori Basics and Creating Vessels.

In May, Gwen Gibson released Ancient Images with her wonderful tear-away technique. This video is an eye opener! What else can we make polymer clay do?

Margene Crossan released Sculpting Whimsical Faces. This former Disney Imagineer shows tricks to achieving the expression you desire for your sculpture using face molds. She shows how to make a press mold and proceed from there to make the expression you desire.

In June, Lindly Haunani released Tantalizing Translucents, featuring five of her techniques, including Mokume Gane, Crushed Crayon and three more. Lavonne Hoivik released Making Miniature Fimo Flowers. This video is for the miniaturist.

Nan Roche's video called Special Techniques in Polymer Clay with Nan Roche has just been released. It features Loop-in-Loop Chaining, Marbling with Liquid Sculpey, Mokume Gane using rubber stamps, and Braiding with polymer clay.

The week after Ravendale, Sue Heaser filmed three videos for MindStorm Productions. A Medley of Jewelry Techniques shows how to make gilded leaves, fairy earrings, her own delicate style of applique, and a comprehensive section on Pietra Dure. Her Polymer Clay Kitchens title, for the miniaturist, is targeted for release in early 1999. It features how to make items for a miniature kitchen, including pots, kettles, basket, bowls, rolling pin, brushes, tiles, etc. Targeted for release in early October, the third tape is called Polymer Clay Dining Room and includes plates, bowls, cutlery, roast beef, potatoes, broccoli, bread, toast, candelabra, clock, picture frames, and more.

Kris Richards has also filmed two videos. The first is Sculpting Cartoon Characters. It shows how to sculpt a teddy bear, bunny, honey bee, pig, bugs among other critters in a cartoon critter style. It is aimed at children 8-12 years ld. The second is Goodie Boxes. It shows how to make boxes to store treasured goodies in. Though these are aimed at children, I bet we all can learn from them. They are both targeted for release by the end of the year.

Coming in late September is Sculpting Dolls by Margene Crossan, a sequel to Sculpting Whimsical Faces. It shows how to make the rest of the doll: hands, feet, hair and clothes.

All the above were produced by MindStorm Productions. Burt seems to have a knack for knowing what we all want to learn, and recruiting the professionals to teach us, producing excellent videos at affordable prices. All the new and proposed videos sound fantastic. Everyone should find at least one or two to drool over. I'm betting that holiday presents this year will not be the usual run of the mill stuff!