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PK01: Sculpting Cartoon Critters

Video Librarian July/August 1999
(3-1/2 stars out of 4)


Using the colorful and clean medium of polymer clay, child-friendly instructor Kris Richards shows children ages eight and older how to make little animal figures. ("Sculpting" is something of a misnomer, for the creatures are made by rolling and shaping balls of clay in the hands.)

Beginning with a list of basic supplies, Richards includes prudent safety points both at the outset and all through the tape (such as "Go out and get your grownup — you'll need them to help make the next tool.") She demonstrates how to make a bear, cat, rabbit, spider, caterpillar, snake and turtle, all introduced in logical sequence as one set of skills builds on the next. Children's libraries should note that the caterpillar could very easily be given eyeglasses instead of eyebrows and become a "bookworm" for craft time.

Given the charming, colorful projects, Richard's cheery presentation style, and the excellent close ups that are hallmarks of the Polymer Clay Series (see Imitating Metal CL-7/98) and Potpourri of Techniques (VL-3/98), most libraries will want to purchase. Highly recommended.