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Master Miniature Series

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Mirna Mateo-Diaz
Possaic, NJ

Loved all your videos. Worth every penny! I would love to see more videos on handling fabrics and dressing dolls.

Patricia McCurry
Rocaway Beach, NY

I have purchased 16 videos from you and they are all terrific! Very detailed, close shots, great projects. Please keep more of them coming.

Beverly Hastings
W Sand Lake, NY

Be assured that I will order from your company again as I am especially interested in obtaining a small library of how to items for miniatures.

Carol Gill
Thorndale, PA

I must tell you how much I enjoy MindStorm tapes — not only as a lesson on the specific projects but as a way to relax when the world gets to me. Many a night I turn in early, put a tape into the VCR, and forget my troubles. I recently purchased the Working with Leather tape and can't wait to try the suitcases.

Morjorie McGrow
Owings Mills, MD

I have ordered several of your videos and have been very happy with them. The videography has been excellent, and it is so much easier to learn a technique by actually seeing it demonstrated as opposed to trying to follow instructions in a book. Please keep me updated on your new releases.

Denise Wood
Canton, GA

I have many of your tapes and love being able to watch and learn — all from the comfort of my home. There are days when I'm not very creative but I know when the mood hits me I can always pull out my MindStorm videos and create to my heart's content. I love being able to go at my own pace. Keep up the good work.

Steve Whitworth
Hudson, FL

I find the instructors words and actions easy to follow. I also find them very giving with information. I love these tapes — keep them coming!

Louella Hinkle
Lexington, KY

I've ordered and enjoyed nearly every miniature video you have offered this year. Have not seen a bad one yet. They are ALL just OUTSTANDING in presentation and subject – very clear and easy to understand. They, by far, surpass the content and quality of videos I have purchased elsewhere.

Lori Johnson
Sun Prarie, WI

I love your videos... I have a large collection already.

Claudette Silas
Maple Grove, MN

I absolutely love all my videos. You all do a great job!!!!!!!

Tom Capek
Elgin, IL

I will continue to be a customer and will recommend your company to other miniaturists that I meet. Thanks again for the great customer service.

Rita Pierce
Lubbock, TX

May I say that the quality of your tapes is superior, the instructors show and explain their methods clearly, and give many useful hints and tips regarding their field of expertise. I own several of the tapes and enjoy all of them.

I like the fact that I can pause the tape and write notes as the instructors teach their various crafts or back it up and play again something I feel I missed. Having the tapes is, in fact, like having my own personal teacher! I look forward to buying more of your high quality tapes.

Deborah Jones
Phoenix, AZ

I also wanted you to know that I ADORE your videos and own several. I'm on your mailing list and wish I had time to sit down and order more. (I will as soon as my show season slows down a bit.)

They are very high quality and your artisans are so "human" — they joke they laugh and, most importantly — they TEACH WELL. The format of your videos is so nice. I feel like I'm actually attending a workshop.

Yang-Yang Juan
Lakeside, CA

The sound is clear and all the details can be seen clearly through the tape, even though they are miniatures. I notice this aspect especially because I got other tapes and they miss some very important details. You did a great job! Thank you so much for doing these tapes for us. Please don't quit.

Judy Edwards
Pioneer, CA

Have learned SO much. Benefit greatly from the video medium -- better than written instructions. Keep them coming!