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Customer Comments


PC01: Introduction to Polymer Clay

Peggy Passeno
Roseville, MI

Donna Kato is the reason I went into crafting with polymer clay. Her demo's make it look easy enough for anyone to try. I love this video. Its simplicity was refreshing.

Thelma Harris
Chicago, IL

Very easy to follow. Basic instruction in types of clay is extremely helpful.

Rosalyn Podjan
Benton Harbor, MI

Very good. Learned a lot from Donna Kato. Can't wait to get started on a project. Thanks Donna! Will order more videos.

Phylis Dodd
Las Vegas, NV

Enjoyed this tremendously.

Theresa Kuchta
Nesquehoning, PA

I first saw Donna Kato on the TV Show HGTV. They never give their demonstrators enough TV time, so I just had to have her video. She is a wonderful instructor.

Carol McGovern
Pahrump, NV

Very informative and interesting. Motivational. Much easier when I can see it.

Maria Alseph
Waterbury, CT

The presentation was interesting, and very pleasing to the eye. Also, the video was very reasonably priced.

Lynn Crosby
Cape Coral, FL

Great! I've read several books on this topic, but the video shows more details and little tricks that can help a lot!

Cathy Forehand
Aurora, MO

Very clear instructions. I loved it!

Diana Calhoun
Grahanna, OH

I love these videos [PC01 & PC03]. Donna explains things so simply that anyone can understand. I am going to order more videos right now.

Carole Christianson
Scottsdale, AZ

All three [PC01, PC10, SC01] of these videos are outstanding! They are simple to understand and very exciting to watch. You want to try everything!

Beth Etgen
Sacramento, CA

Great video. I'd like to see more in the Polymer Clay series.

Georgette Mitchell
Knoxville, TN

Excellent video for the beginner. Describes all the basics and how to start out.

JD Thompson
Colombia, MO

Great video!

Kathy Guinn
Knoxville, TN

I love the video and am excited about creating items with clay. My 11-year old son likes clay too!

Marilyn Corzine
Ft Myers, FL

Great video — lots of information!

Joyce Wheeler
Overland Park, KS

Donna Kato is THE polymer clay queen. Her demo's are excellent — I want more!

Nancy Howard
Mesa, AZ

Excellent! Donna Kato's instructions are simple, clear & concise. I have her book and I have seen her numerous segments on the "Carol Duvall Show." She gives me the confidence to attempt the different projects. What can I say? She is the best, and I am grateful.

Lynn Dobert
Grafton, NY

Good beginners tape... Informative.

Cinoi Falconi
Orlando, FL

Really liked it! Much better than a book — like taking a class!

Shannon Johnson
Fishers, IN

I very much enjoyed the videos [PC01, PC03, PC04, PC07] and the education they provide. I am able to get them from the library, but have had great difficulty finding any beyond the 1st two titles in any store. I love seeing Donna Kato.

Melanie Taylor
Kodak, TN

Donna is terrific! She doesn't leave a detail out. Great video — should be in every clayer's library!

Linda Rodau
Essexville, MI

A whole new world has opened for me. I'm an egg artist and looking forward to trying the clay.

Anne Lindholm
Ft Meyers, FL

This video tape was a good introduction to what clay is good to use and what tools are also good to use. I also liked the techniques and the projects.

Mindi Janosko
Bethesda, MD

Great videos! Can't wait to buy the rest of the series.

Linda Pouk
Minnetonka, MN

Great introductory video. Worth the price. Inspirational.

Mindy Smith
Canogo Park, CA

It really helped me get started. Thanks for a great video.

Julie Stark
Buenos Aires

I want to let you know that the supplies and awesome videos arrived safely to buenos aires. the videos are grrrreat! the productions are really very professional and the tips are super. Donna is really a natural on camera and a great teacher. They were worth every penny.

I also have Tory Hughes's videos. I must say that the production of your videos is far superior. they are also longer and more dense with information than Tory's, which are twice the price! sorry Tory!

Marlene Ackerman
Milwaukee, WI

I love Donna Kato and her methods. I hope to get other tapes in this series - specially millefiori and other cane making.

Terry Blocker
Las Vegas, NV

Really good - thanks!

Barbara-Ann Affinito
Monsey, NY

Although I've been working with polymer clays for many years now, this video has cut my work time down with information I had not known.

Linda Miller
Port Orchard, WA

Very informative. Enjoyable.

Rhonda Davis
Haysville, KS

Very well done! I picked up some techniques and tips that definitely will be useful in my work. It is just like being in a classroom, but with the advantage of "rewind!"

Kennth Brooks
Burkburnett, TX

Very well presented! Easy for anyone to understand. She breaks down impossible looking results into simple step-by-step techniques. I've never worked with polymer clays before now, but thanks to this video I KNOW I can produce impressive salable items. Thank you!

Shirley Liu
Pasadena, CA

Excellent! Well done to anyone's level of learning. I've been playing with polymer clay for two years and I'm hooked. Can't get enough ideas. It's great for relaxation.

K Howard
Grove City, OH

Very informative. I really like Donna Kato.

Michelle McNeill
Murfreesboro, TN

I really enjoyed your video. It taught me a lot.

Carl Johengen
Potsdam, NY

Wonderful! Good review of basic information coupled with fun projects.

Donna McDonough
Columbia, MD

Donna Kato is the perfect teacher for instructions on video. I would consider buying videos on other topics.

Holly Laibson
Ridgewood, NY

My daughter and I watched this together and spent the next day making polymer pens. I consider that a successful video!