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Master Artisans Series

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Diane Conklin
Aberdeen, WA

I like all the videos I have seen. I just can't buy all of them...

Pat McCurry
Daytona Beach, FL

I have purchased MANY of your videos & I am PLEASED with all of them. GREAT!!! Informative and presented well.

John Sombronski
Columbus, OH

I enjoyed these videos very much. I would be interested in these videos in DVD format [Ed note: They are now available in DVD too!]. I like How-to videos on art subjects. I enjoy looking at finished painting of other artists. Looking forward to your catalog.

Dana Rogers
Galesburg, IL

I thought the video was excellent! Please send information on how I can order more of this addicting series. Hurry!

Kathleen Spaitis
Willowbrook, IL

Very informative — worth every penny!

Huntington High School
Huntington, NY

Wonderful videos to use in art classes that use polymer clay. Very pleased!

Gail Wise
Demarest, NJ

I'm getting into it!

Carol Ritter
Anchorage, AK

Great videos!

Jacqui Blovett
Cabazon, CA

Donna does not miss a beat — you have NO questions after watching one of her tapes. I wish she would do more!

Chris Glasscock
Indianapolis, IN

Very interesting. Videos are wonderful instruments of learning — keep up the good work!

Nancy Talcoit
Belmont, CA

Very good!

Shelbie Hall
Paducah, KY

Very good presentations.

Morjorie McGrow
Owings Mills, MD

I have ordered several of your videos and have been very happy with them. The videography has been excellent, and it is so much easier to learn a technique by actually seeing it demonstrated as opposed to trying to follow instructions in a book. Please keep me updated on your new releases.

Barbara Bestini
Miramar, FL

I've had the pleasure of watching every video ever produced by MindStorm Productions. And although the quality and instruction has been superb, their New Polymer Clay Masters Video Series with Donna Kato stands out as one of the best set of instructional sets I've ever watched. Have your clay and materials ready because when these videos start, you'll want to join in the fun!

Eneida Benjamin
La Mirada, CA

Superb! The videos are concise, well presented and very professionally explained. I learned more in watching 1 video than in reading several books because of the superior visual presentation!

Karen Sexton
Littleton, CO

You should definitely have a warning label on your polymer clay series — they are addictive! My most recent acquisition, Ancient Images, is entrancing, beautifully done, and a wonderful inspiration.

Kevin Schiermann
Honolulu, HI

I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful polymer clay videos. It is great to see such names as Donna Kato and Marie Segul working their magic. Thanks again for the great videos!

Pat Pyke
Thousand Palms, CA

Love the work of both artists [PC01, PC02, PC03, PC04, PC06, PC07, PC08]. They have both inspired me with creativity I didn't know I was capable of!

Carol Mills
Hamden, CT

The are great! I prefer to learn this way so I can go back over something I didn't get.

Irene Coyer
Bowler, WI

MindStorm produces invaluable instructional videos for polymer clay enthusiasts. I have your catalogue on display every time I do a show and nudge new clayers in your direction. My dream is to own ALL of your polymer clay videos.

Patricia Barnes
Three Rivers, TX

I have Gibson's Ancient Images, and like you say it is great. Also, have Tantalizing Translucents with Lindly Haunani, Marie Segal's Imitating Metal and Donna Kato's Potpourri of Techniques. All of them were super and now I want/NEED all the rest of them. I want ALL the other polymer clay videos, even the ones on dolls and miniatures. Hopefully Santa will think about ordering me any videos. If you can get any of MindStorm's tapes, they are well worth the money.

Judith Gockel
Carthage, MO

Your videos are my Ravensdales and Embellishments and so on, as I cannot get to such events, nor could I participate adequately if I got there. Videos are my only real contact with techniques and people involved in polymer clay work.

Leigh Ross
Red Bank, NJ

I am so totally impressed with the quality and thoroughness of the videos that I purchased, that I have to get them all now!

I've seen "HOW TO" videos for years, and I have never purchased even one of them, they are usually shorter than you expect, the camera work stinks and the quality of the tapes are awful.

I was watching the video while I was working at my desk, which is next to my husbands desk, I realized that I was staring at the TV, and not working, but I looked over and my husband was mesmerized by the videos at the same time! (he is not a crafter, but appreciates all that I do, and appreciates good production)

Kudos to you and your whole production company! I am sold!!!!

Ariene Summers
Greenlam, NY

Outstanding! Donna [PC01, PC02, PC03, PC04] has a "user friendly" approach to making polymer clay simply fun and intriguing to use. Our art teachers are delighted with the range of projects and techniques.

Jan Ruhnow
Stafford, TX

WONDERFUL!! I have tons of MindStorm videos and the quality is always excellent. I've tried a couple of videos from other companies and will never buy them again. Thanks for the great service and products!

Mary Ann Green
Lake Waccamaw, NC

Boy did I learn a lot from your series! You explain everything so well. I've been working with clay 10 years. Never made my own mold. I followed your techniques and it was so easy. Also your tools were great. Thanks!

Toni McCarthy
Carna, WA

Wonderful! Great instruction (clear, organized) -- just the way this former English teacher likes it!

Lynda Gould
Westmont, Quebec

I have 8 of them. Wonderful way to learn.