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MD03: Wigging Miniature Women

w/ Viola Williams


video sleeve image

$29.95 + S&H

Table of Contents:

Tools & Materials
Waves and Ringlets
Southern Belle
Country Lass
Victorian Ladies
Contemporary Hair Styles
18th Century Courtesan

Approx. Running Time: 67 minutes

Your Miniature Dolls Will Never Have Another Bad Hair Day!

Let's face it... even miniature dolls take pride in looking their best. And having a good hair style is a surefire way of insuring that they will. No one knows this better than miniature doll artisan Viola Williams, owner of "Dolls In Miniature" magazine.

In "Wigging Miniature Women," Volume 3 of The Master Dollmakers Video Instructional Series, she shows you how to create wigging styles for Victorian Women, 18th Century Courtesans, Contemporary Women, Country Lasses, and Southern Belles that look so natural their phones will be ringing off the hook with suitors. Viola's confident and relaxed teaching style, coupled with her practical advice, makes even a novice dollmaker say, "I can do this!"

She begins by listing all the materials you'll need to wig your dolls properly, some of which would make your neighborhood hairdresser think you'd lost your head if you suggested she use them on you... things like styrofoam pellets and a rubber pleater. But once she saw Viola use that rubber pleater to create ringlets and waves, even your hairdresser would begin using the same techniques.

Once the materials are all laid out, Viola demonstrates everything for creating attractive hair styles, from gluing and placing the wigging on the dolls head, to shaping and styling the hairpiece once its in place. But she doesn't stop there. Knowing that using the wrong bonnet or dress can ruin even the best hair style, Viola shows combinations that do work so you can use them as a guideline to insure yours will work too.

One of Viola's strengths is her ability to provides a variety of options from which to choose so you can pick the one that's best for you. For instance, as an alternative to using a rubber pleater to create a weave, she demonstrates a method that will achieve the same effect by using a waxed wire or glass rod. And she reminds us, "You don't need to wax the wire each time you use it. It'll usually survive two or three uses before it needs to be re-waxed."

And speaking of variety, there's lots of it on this video. For example, knowing that Victorian Dolls are among the most popular of all collector's dolls, Viola shows, not one, but three different hair styles you can use for your Victorian ladies. And when wigging contemporary styles, she takes into account the fact that both long and short hair styles are popular with women today.

But she saves the best, and most elaborate, for last. Here you'll use all the techniques you've learned, to create the most intricate doll there is...the 18th Century French Courtesan Doll. But Viola's humor and practicality convinces you that it's easy. For instance, beauty marks, she says, make this doll look more authentic, since people used them during the 18th century to cover up blemishes. But she cautions not to use too many of them because, "The doll is so small that if you were to use several beauty marks, she'd look like she landed underneath a pepper shaker!".