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MD04: Wigging Miniature Men, Children and Babies

w/ Viola Williams


video sleeve image

$29.95 + S&H

Table of Contents:

Tools & Materials
Contemporary Men
18th Century Men
Curly Haired Men

Approx. Running Time: 62 minutes


Hair Replacement Centers For Miniature Men
Will Soon Go Out Of Business...

...Now that Viola Williams shares her do-it-yourself methods for "growing" hair. Those methods can be found in Volume 4 of The Master Dollmakers Video Instructional Series, "Wigging Miniature Men, Children & Babies." Here Viola continues her instructions for making and styling hair for your miniature people that began in Volume 3 of the series, "Wigging Miniature Women." In this video, as in it's companion video, detailed instructions match the visuals precisely.

The key step to wigging miniature men correctly begins with the sideburns. They are used on all men's hair styles whether contemporary, 18th Century, curly or straight hair. "Even little boys have sideburns," Viola says. First you place the sideburns, then you follow with the wigging. Once the wigging is in place, Viola shows you how to cut it, make parts, and style it using hair spray to keep the hair in place. And she reveals a technique for insuring that none of the spray gets onto the delicate porcelain. As a finishing touch, she shows you how to apply a mustache.

There is one especially unique section on this video that covers what can be a sensitive subject even for miniature men. "I can't imagine decorating men without doing one that's going bald," Viola says. On this video, she shows you how to simulate the natural loss of hair on your miniature dolls. For the section on wigging 18th Century men, you'll need to know how to wave the wigging and make ringlets. Both of these techniques are covered in detail in Volume 3 of the series, "Wigging Miniature Women."

When it comes to wigging children, the techniques are similar to those you'll follow for wigging adult dolls. But you must take into account that children's heads are smaller, and compensate for this by trimming the hair, especially around the ears and across the forehead to obtain a realistic look. In the section on wigging children, Viola also demonstrates a braiding technique for little girls, and a bow tying method. These alone are worth the price of the video.

The final portion of the video covers all the steps you need to follow to wig babies correctly. But before demonstrating how it's done, Viola offers this critical piece of advice: "The important thing to remember about babies is that they don't have much hair. I've seen a lot of baby dolls wigged with so much hair, you'd think that they were three, four, five year old children. So, don't be too generous."