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MD05: Dressing Your Tiny Victorian Doll

w/ Judy Orr


video sleeve image

$29.95 + S&H

Table of Contents:

Tools & Materials
Doll Assembly
Basic Dress
Finishing Touches

Approx. Running Time: 62 minutes


Making Your Favorite Doll Is Easy
If You Let An Expert Show You How

Victorian Dolls are among the most popular among collectors. And when it comes to creating miniature Victorian Dolls, no one does it better than Judy Orr, owner of Judy Orr Miniatures in Orangevale, CA. And now Judy shows you how to assemble and costume a 1 3/4" porcelain doll in Victorian style, using techniques that took her 17 years to master.

Judy shares her secrets in "Dressing Your Tiny Victorian Doll," Volume 5 of The Master Dollmakers Video Instructional Series. Her instructions are easy to follow, incredibly detailed, and richly rewarding. You'll watch as Judy transforms a basic doll into a Victorian beauty, using nothing more than strips of material, glue, 5-minute epoxy, index cards, and a small ironing board. It's all here... from basic doll assembly, all the way through to dressing and wigging the doll, and adding the finishing touches.

It won't be long before you realize that when Judy Orr creates miniature dolls, she lets her hands do most of the talking. Her brief, precise instructions, coupled with extreme close-ups from the camera, allow you to see even the slightest detail, and leaves no doubt as to how this is done! For instance, when applying the foundation to your doll, you'll see exactly how to glue the netting onto the doll's arms and legs to form the undergarments and petticoat. Next, Judy turns a simple swatch of material into a dress, all the while demonstrating how to apply the glue so that the material stays together. "Always iron as you glue," she advises. "That way the glue dries as you move along."

You'll be amazed as the rough edges at the doll's elbow disappear using nothing more than extra bits of lace and glue. According to Judy, you shouldn't be afraid of using too much glue because the iron will always burn away any excess. But if you still have a few rough edges or are left with a little bit too much excess glue, she says, "Don't worry about it. You can easily hide that later using bows, roses, and beads."

True to her style, she doesn't just tell you to use bows, she shows you how to tie them and place them on the doll to give her a polished finishing touch. And speaking of finishing touches, this video ends with a very appropriate one. After putting her heart into this project, it's only fitting that Judy concludes her project by using a miniature heart to create a stand for the finished doll.