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MM01: Faux Finishes

w/ Bluette Meloney


video sleeve image

$29.95 + S&H

Table of Contents:

Inlaid Marble
Crackle Glazing/Antiquing
Metal Leafing
Leather Crackling
Concrete Block Walls
Stone Floors

Approx. Running Time: 87 minutes

Her Work was presented to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II....
Now Master Miniaturist Bluette Meloney Reveals Her Award Winning Techniques.

According to a recent survey in Nutshell News, miniaturists are hungry for "How-To" information about their craft. And there's no one better to share that information than Bluette Meloney, the country's premier Faux Finishes and Trompe l'oeil miniaturist.

Her advice is practical and easy to implement. For example, to give your creations a polished, professional look, Bluette suggests you, "Search out craft stores for decorative jewelry findings. These add pizzazz to otherwise plain pieces."

Her recommendations can also save you time, so you'll enjoy your finished pieces much faster. "When Marbleizing," she says, "use Deft to bring out the depth, glow, and beauty of real marble. But use the blue and brown label semi-gloss wood finish. The purple label takes forever to dry."

Her words are also encouraging and supportive of the human side of the craft. When it comes to inlaid marble, for example: "It's not as hard as it looks. But don't get discouraged if you can't do this right away. It takes practice." As for metal leafing, "It will darken if not sealed with Deft. But there's nothing wrong with that. It all depends on the look you want."

Bluette's techniques are among those offered in The Master Miniaturists Video Instructional Series, a Ten-Volume Series offering expert instruction by some of the country's top miniature artisans. These step-by-step guides will help you develop your own creativity, and add hours of enjoyment to your craft.

Volume I, "Faux Finishes" with Bluette Meloney, features techniques for Marbleizing, Inlaid Marble, Crackle Glazing & Antiquing, Metal Leafing, Leather Crackling, and creating Concrete Block Walls and Stone Floors.

On-camera demonstrations make it easy to follow along as each piece is created right before your very eyes. And you'll especially enjoy Bluette's down-to-earth, friendly demeanor that has become synonymous with miniaturists.