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MM05: Miniature Ponds

w/ Lou Vallas


video sleeve image

$19.95 + S&H

(close out sale)

Table of Contents:

Tools & Materials
Forming Base
Creating Liner
Landscaping & Decorating
Pouring Resin

Approx. Running Time: 42 minutes

Behind Every Great Miniature House, Lies a Miniature Pond...

...In fact, according to Lou Vallas, your miniature house is incomplete without a pond. And he should know. Lou has spent the past 15 years building, and teaching others how to build, natural-looking ponds and decks to add beauty to their miniature houses.

And now, in less than an hour, you can learn his techniques to create a miniature pond of your own. Lou reveals his secrets in "Building Miniature Ponds With Lou Vallas," Volume 5 of the multi-part Master Miniaturists Video Instructional Series, which offers expert instruction by some of the country's top miniature artisans.

In this Volume, easy to follow demonstrations take you step-by-step through the entire miniature pond building process; from forming the base, creating the liner, pouring plaster, painting, and landscaping, to pouring resin. You'll also find that Lou echoes the advice given by his wife, Shirley, in "Flowers and Plants with Shirley Vallas." "You have to be patient," he says. After pouring the plaster of paris, for instance, he tells us, "Once you reach this point, you might as well take a break because you've got to wait at least 24 hours for it to dry before you start detailing."

After the base is created and plaster has been poured, painting is the most time consuming part of the process. When painting, Lou recommends acrylic paint over watercolors because "it just doesn't loosen up as much."

Furthermore, you have to decide what colors work best with your entire color scheme, anticipate what colors you want to end up with, and continually stop to check that you're achieving the desired results. "Play around until you feel comfortable with the color," Lou advises. "And keep in mind that drying will lighten it."

Once the paint has dried, Lou turns the work over to his wife, miniature flower and plant specialist Shirley Vallas. You'll watch as Shirley applies the same techniques she revealed in her "Flowers and Plants" video to dress up the miniature pond with landscaping and detail. Continuing with her down-to-earth approach, Shirley reminds us that sometimes the best materials for miniature creations are in our own back yards... literally. "You can find all kinds of goodies to use for your ponds just walking around outdoors."

The final step in the process is the one that requires the most care... not just for your pond and your work area, but for your own safety as well. It's here Lou stresses the importance of protecting your eyes and hands, as well as protecting your work area. And he demonstrates the correct and safe way to mix and pour resin to give your pond that finished look. "Resin is workable for 5-7 minutes," he says. "That's why mixing and pouring it correctly is such a critical part of the process."

Once you've followed Lou's detailed instructions, you'll start building realistic looking ponds of your own that will enhance the beauty of your miniature house. Then the hardest part will be keeping the fish away.