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MM07: Embossed Watercolor Painting

w/ Cynthia Eastman-Roan


video sleeve image

$19.95 + S&H

(close out sale)

Table of Contents:

Tools and Materials
Button Techniques
Ceiling Medallion
Embossing Projects
Framed Embossing
Watercolor Techniques

Approx. Running Time: 63 minutes


You Don't Need Talent... Just Imagination.

If you've been putting off making miniature artwork because you don't have artistic talent... you've just run out of excuses.

Now, using common objects found around your house, and a little imagination, you can make embossed artwork, wallpapers, ceiling fan medallions, and watercolor paintings that rival store bought creations.

Drawing from her experience as full size and miniature watercolor artist, Cynthia Eastman-Roan demonstrates how something as common as a button can be used to create artwork to decorate your miniature house. Her techniques are featured in "Embossed Watercolor Paining With Cynthia Eastman-Roan", Volume 7 of The Master Miniaturists Video Instructional Series. This multi-part series features expert instruction by some of the country's top miniature artisans.

"You don't need any special talent to do this," she assures while tracing a button around a piece of art paper. "So don't be intimidated." Within minutes her `button technique' transforms that tracing into a beautifully finished painting. And once you've mastered this technique, you can use larger buttons to make medallions for your miniature ceiling fans. Cynthia offers tips that are practical and easy to apply. For example, she says paper should be wet during the initial stages of embossing, because it's easier to manipulate. But it must be completely dry before painting. "If the paper is cool, it's still wet" says Cynthia. "But don't use a hairdryer to speed up the process. This will dry the outside of the paper, but the core will still be wet. Just let it dry naturally."

For larger embossed projects, such as wallpaper and larger paintings, etched glass or a plate can be used as a mold. Even shells make good molds. "But let me warn you," Cynthia says with a smile, "this can really be addictive."

In addition to imagination, a light touch and an occasional break are all it takes to become an accomplished miniature artist. In fact, Cynthia advises, "If you're tired, just stop for a while, then come back to it." And you won't have any trouble coming back. In fact, after experiencing hours of enjoyment and creativity applying these techniques you'll find it hard not coming back.