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MM09: Let's Make a Bride

w/ Viola Williams


video sleeve image

$29.95 + S&H

Table of Contents:

Tools and Materials
Assembling the Doll
Preparing the Pattern
Dressing the Doll
Final Touches
The Other Woman

Approx. Running Time: 63 minutes


From Miniature Bride To "The Other Woman" In Less Than An Hour!

When doll artisan Viola Williams, owner of "Dolls In Miniature" magazine, creates a miniature bride, she makes sure her doll has company. You see, Viola has developed a system whereby, using a few minor adjustments, the same pattern for dressing a miniature bride can be used to dress and entirely different doll... another woman!

And now in "Let's Make A Bride With Viola Williams," Volume 9 of The Master Miniaturists Video Instructional Series, she reveals her system to you. You'll follow along as Viola outlines all the steps necessary to completing your miniature bride. It's all here, from assembling the doll from a kit, prepping the pattern, dressing and wigging the doll, and finally draping her dress and adding the finishing touches.

The video also includes a pattern, so you can design your doll's dress without even knowing how to sew. And if you feel unsure whether or not the pattern will fit your doll, Viola suggests cutting the pattern from paper towel first, rest it against the doll, and make the necessary adjustments. Then you'll see how she uses that same pattern to dress another doll, perhaps a bridesmaid or maid of honor.

"Let's Make A Bride With Viola Williams," also provides guidelines for determining your doll's ideal height. "Dolls, like people, come in all shapes and sizes," says Viola. "And while variety is O.K., your doll should be no more than 5 ½" ."

Once the doll is assembled and glued Viola suggests putting her to rest overnight so that the glue will dry completely. "Let her go to bed," she says. Let her sleep overnight, and you can work on her again tomorrow."

Draping is the final step in the process. Here you'll observe as Viola pins back the folds on the dress, and then uses hairspray to hold them in place. "I use hairspray because it doesn't stain the fabric," she says. "But be careful not to spray the doll's hands or face, because it will make them shiny."

Viola's greatest wish for this video can be summed up in one sentence... "I hope that you'll enjoy this so much, that you'll join the rest of us in becoming addicted miniature doll collectors and artisans." Her instructions and encouragement make it easy to do so. By the time you're finished, all your miniature bride will need is a groom to accompany her down the aisle.