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If you are on this page, then you should be an authorized MindStorm video reseller. If you are not, please leave this page now. If you stay, the only thing you can do is order videos at the wholesale price, but the order will be rejected when received, so there isn't much point in staying...

You still with me? Good, that must mean you belong here, right?

All our reseller orders are being taken here, and paid via PayPal prior to shipment. This is not a terribly sophisticated site at this point, and may improve in that regard in the future. For now, you will have to choose the range of number of tapes you are ordering from the links on the left. That will take you to the page that will calculate the proper price for your order.

If you order from the wrong page and thus send the wrong total, we will just be forced to ask you send the balance before shipping the tapes. This will cost you more time and delay your order, so please try and order from the proper page for your discount level.

Our discount schedule is as follows:

8 to 21 tapes 50%
22 to 49 tapes


50 to 99 tapes 60%
100+ tapes 62.5%

Note that all videos will be available in DVD format in the coming months. At this time, the price for DVD copies is $17.00 for Polymer Clay and $23.00 for Miniaturists and Dollmakers series, regardless of quantity. Once the entire library is available in that format, a sliding scale will be introduced for DVD copies also.